File Storage

Managing all your paper documents can be a daunting task. Keeping track of each document, maintaining its retention schedule, accessing it, and destroying it is not a once a year task, it’s an everyday task. The more documents you have the more difficult it is.

With IPS you get the tools to make securing, managing, accessing, and destroying all your documents easy.

Get better document management

Assign and manage retention schedules
Control access based on department, priority levels, locations, etc.
Search for documents based on description, department, retention, keywords, etc.
Generate destruction lists and get timely destruction
Quickly and easily know what you have and what you do not

Get better document access

Order your document online
Get your original paper document or an electronic version
How fast do you need it? 2 day, 1 day rush, and same day rush are available
Currier service is available 24/7, even weekends and holidays

Get better document security

Our records center is secured, alarmed, and monitored 24/7
Our employees are screened and trained for privacy and security
Our trucks are GPS equipped
We maintain a tight chain of custody from the time it leaves your office until we return it to you

Get better document destruction

Generate and authorize a destruction list

We pull your documents and verifies the list

We do the destruction in-house and issue a certificate of destruction for your records

Managing your paper documents does not need to be hard. IPS gives you the tools to make managing your paper documents easy while maintaining security and compliance to information governance laws.

Find out how “better” things can be.

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