Information Protection Services, Inc. is proud to announce that we have partnered with BMS CAT for your document recovery needs.  BMS CAT specializes in the restoration of commercial properties on a regional, national and global basis.

From hurricanes, fires and earthquakes to floods and mechanical breakdowns, BMS CAT stabilizes the loss site, determines the scope of damage and restores the property to pre-loss condition.

Their focus on products and services, flexibility, urgency, experience, training and staffing makes BMS CAT a prime partner to meet your disaster recovery needs.

Be smart. Establish your plan now before a disaster strikes.

We can get you all of the restoration, mitigation and remediation services that are needed for any size document loss, including:

  • Document Restoration & Recovery
  • Microbial Remediation
  • Freeze Drying of Documents Via Sublimation
  • Cold Storage of Documents
  • Mold & microbial remediation
  • Inventory to insure chain of custody
  • Electronic Restoration
  • Secure Document Destruction of Wet Documents
  • X-ray Cleaning & Reprocessing
  • Media Recovery
  • Micro Film, Movie Film & Tape Restoration
  • Pack Out Services
  • Telecommunications Recovery

Our goal in partnering with BMS CAT in the event of a loss is to provide efficient, cost-effective restoration services tailored to your needs.