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So you can easily store, retrieve, and shred files from your desk.

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Businesses spend thousands of dollars each year from misfiled or lost files.

Research has found that employees spend 50% of their time looking for information. On average, it takes 18 minutes to locate a document.

It can cost $120 to find a misfiled paper document and cost $220 to reproduce a lost document. Companies misfile about 20 percent of their documents.

Lost files result in fines, lost business, and lawsuits that ruin your career and shut down your business.

Eliminate worry and gain the tools you need to properly manage your files

  • Online inventory access to all your files

  • Properly stored files minimizes damage

  • Easily retrieve files in hard copy or in pdf

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Get a partner in protecting your information…and your reputation

We understand the frustration in trying to find a file or box buried in a closet or self-storage unit. Which is why Information Protection Services, Inc has a simple solution with online access for you to manage your paper records at a clean, fully protected records center.

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Successful Records Management for Physical Files

A successful records management program:

  • Maintains accurate inventories
  • Controls access to stored documents
  • Checks out archived documents
  • Ensures documents are returned properly
  • Monitors retention schedules
  • Converts paper to electronic formats
  • Ensures proper destruction of documents
  • Scales for changing volumes of documents
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  • Paper Securely Stored Offsite

  • Manage Your Account Online

  • Retrieve Physical or Electronic Files

Scanning Services

  • Scan On-Demand

  • Complete Scanning Solution

  • Augment Your Program

Shredding Services

  • Onsite or Offsite Shredding

  • Recurring or One-off Service

  • Paper, Hard drives, Uniforms, & more

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